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How can the sharpener sharpen the knife?

POPULARITY:      DATE: 2017/5/27 9:30:37

The front knife sharpness is affected by many factors, the main influence factors is the following several advantages of edge sharpening:

1. sharpening machine installation adjustment on the impact of sharpening:

(1) sharpening machine installation should pay attention to stability, to prevent vibration, the fasteners are firmly connected, the sharpener should rotate smoothly, to prevent jitter. Otherwise, the sharpening is not sharp, and the blade appears serrated edge.

(2) the sharpener should be vertical to the horizontal surface, otherwise it will not sharpen the blade.

(3) the position of the knife sharpener should be 6 mm from the surface of the disk, located in the middle of the radius of the disk, the position of the sharpener is not correct, and it is easy to cause the eccentric grinding of the blade. The length of the boom also affects and shortens the sharpening stroke and does not sharpen the blade.

(4) for mechanical drive type sharpening machine, it is necessary to make the triangle belt have proper tension and ensure that the sharpener reaches the rated speed. The speed of the sharpener is low, which affects the grinding effect.

2. effect of grinding agent composition on sharpening:

(1) excessive emery grinding agent; blade is a thick layer of emery edge, easy to wear, the blade is not easy to Morui.

(2) the emery in the grinding agent is too little: the blade is not easy to sharpen, the blade grinds for a long time, and it is easy to anneal and deform.

3. effect of grinding method on sharpening:

(1) uneven pressure, so that the blade partial wear, blade each tooth sharpness is inconsistent, when swinging the blade, uneven pressure will make the blade bulge.

(2) pressure is too large, easy to cause blade annealing, deformation. Shorten blade life.

(3) the pressure is too small, the blade can not be smoothly attached to the grinding wheel, easy to make and partial wear, middle bulge.

(4) the swinging speed is too fast; the grinding agent is easy to be scraped off; the cutter tooth is easy to break; the balance of the blade is not easy to be grasped; the uneven pressure is generated; the partial grinding and the middle projection are easy to occur.

(5) the swinging speed is too slow, the wear of the blade is accelerated, the service life of the blade is shortened, and the blade is easy to be annealed.

(6) sharpening stroke is short; sharpening is not sharp; and it will make the middle of the sharpening disk sink rapidly and shorten the service life of the sharpener. Therefore, sharpening stroke should be as long as possible.

(7) a long time in the grinding wheel grinding paste cloth: blade annealing, easy deformation.

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