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How to choose the straight knife grinding machine?

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Material, particle size, hardness and designation of grinding wheel

I. material of grinding wheel:

1, material categories: A, WA, SA, PA, GC, C, 38A, DA, 19A 2, material selection:

A - brown corundum abrasive, brown color, high hardness and toughness. Suitable for grinding metal with higher tensile strength, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, malleable cast iron, hard bronze and so on.

WA - white corundum abrasive, white color, hardness is higher than brown corundum, abrasive particles are easy to break, edges and corners are sharp, cutting performance is good, grinding heat is small. Suitable for grinding hardened steel, alloy steel, high speed steel, high carbon steel, thin-wall parts and so on.

SA single crystal corundum abrasive, the color is pale yellow, compared with A and WA abrasive materials, it has high hardness and toughness, and it is a single particle spherical crystal, which has stronger resistance to fragmentation. The utility model is suitable for materials which are hard to grind, steel with high vanadium, high speed steel, etc., which have large toughness, high hardness and easy deformation and burn.

PA chrome corundum abrasives, rose or purplish red, with a cutting edge, a good edge angle and a high durability. The utility model is suitable for workpieces with low surface roughness requirements for grinding tools, measuring tools, instruments, threads, etc..

GC green silicon carbide abrasive, green color, high hardness, brittle, abrasive sharp, with a certain thermal conductivity. Suitable for grinding iron, brass, lead, zinc and rubber, leather, plastics, wood, minerals and so on.

C: black silicon carbide, black color, high hardness, high brittleness, abrasive sharp, good thermal conductivity. Suitable for grinding hard alloy, optical glass, ceramics and other hard brittle materials.

LM - magnesite with white or brown corundum corundum, white color, moderate hardness, can be added according to the grinding wheel into the allocation granularity. For the comprehensive comparison of strong, low cost, wide application, suitable for cutting a variety of materials, such as steel, steel and other adjustment.

Two, size: - coarse grinding wheel...... 20#, 24#, 30#,...... 180#, 220#, 240#,......  Fine to the point

Three, grinding wheel hardness: soft E, F, G -, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, hard

Four, grinding wheel mark: for example, grinding wheel marked as: WA46L5V351A350 * 40 * 127, in which each letter code, data represent significance as follows:

WA abrasive material used in grinding wheel

35. Grinding wheel using line speed of 35M/S

46. Granularity of grinding wheel

1A. Shape of grinding wheel

L hardness of grinding wheel

350. Dia diameter of grinding wheel

5. Grinding wheel organization number

40. Thickness and size of grinding wheel

V grinding wheel is made of ceramic sand

127. Dimension of grinding wheel bore

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